Dolly Graphics v16 Indicator

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Dolly Graphics v16

This Dolly Graphics indicator has now been updated to run on the latest MT4 600 build platforms, there have been many internal code updates which use the new code such as drop down windows for time-frames and for the built in color selections.
One major code update has been to the graphic panel display because the current Market Daily Averages have been so small the previous graphics code occasionally could not compensate and so caused a display with color panel overlay issues.

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The Dolly built in indicators such as Bands, Guppy MA’s, Trend MA’s and Murrey Math can now all be loaded onto the same chart at the same time and are all MTF due to MT4 no longer having an 8 buffer restriction. There have been some reports of Dolly Graphics v16 deleting off the chart if the selected time-frame is above Daily plus I noticed M1 Pivots had a different output compared to higher time-frames.
Another small update to the time shift code which now updates all the time frames at the same time at the start of a new day. The previous setup used to only update the Open and Pivots as each new time frame was completed for the day for example 25 minutes into a new day M1 M5 and M15 were updated with the current Day Pivots and Open but M30 and above were still locked on the previous days data.
The Dolly Graphics v16 still requires the use of a password to be put into the inputs before the indicator can be used. Password = FREE_at_tsd

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