UltimaSecret V1! Free profitable forex trading strategy

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UltimaSecret V1

Hello traders!

After exploring some forex forums for some times I found some forex indicators that perform really good. I finally succeeded to combine them to generate even more accurate forex trading signals.
Make 10-20 pips profit per trade from trading the 15 minutes chart is not difficult. Very easy. Anyone can use this no brainer system.
This system can be used in any forex pair, and any timeframe, but I usually use it in 5 minutes and 15 minutes chart.
And finally, I’m proud to present UltimaSecret for you! I hope you can make some pips using my forex system.

UltimaSecret BUY Signal:

Candle closed above white dotted line.
Parabolic SAR is Green.
Stochastic is crossing UP and not in overbought zone (80).
Heikin ashi candle is BLUE.

UltimaSecret SELL Signal:
Candle closed below white dotted line.
Parabolic SAR is Red.
Stochastic is crossing DOWN and not in oversold zone (20).
Heikin ashi candle is Red.


Exit immediately when apposite signal appears
Take your profit and stop loss near support/resistance/pivot/trendline.
Stochastic is in oversold/overbought zone.

How to put this trading system to metatrader:
Extract ultimasecretv1.zip to your desktop (or any other folder).
Copy all .ex4 files to your metatrader\experts\indicators folder, and .tpl to your metatrader\templates folder.
Restart your metatrader.
Right click your chart > Templates > select Ultimasecret.
Done! Ultimasecret is ready to make some pips! Happy trading!
UltimaSecret Recipe

This great strategy is created from free indicators you can find on google. You just have to put them together and make your own system.

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